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When contemplating demolition on your Sunnybank property, contact Next Gen Demolition. We offer a comprehensive range of demolition services to cater to the residents’ requirements. Our team has the required skills to handle all kinds of work involved.

Our Top Demolition Services

Residential Demolition

Houses made using different materials such as brick, timber, concrete, or any other substance need precision demolition. At Next Gen Demolition, we have learned the techniques and also have the right equipment for the process.

House Demolitions Brisbane
Bridge Demolition Brisbane

Bridge Demolition

Like all structures, bridges have a life span. Once they are about to cross it, no time should be wasted in bringing them out. Next Gen Demolition has a history of bridge demolition; we have carried them with extreme caution and precision.

Commercial Demolition

Whether an entire building requires demolition or a part of it, our team can work quickly to get you back to work. These diverse needs are fulfilled to help you renovate, expand or redesign your space.

Commercial Demolition Brisbane
Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Asbestos Removal

Significant health risks make asbestos removal a challenge. Our team uses correct methods to protect you and your family while helping to build a healthy environment for all.

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Why is Next Gen the Best Demolition Partner for You?

We are a family-run demolition service provider company in the City of Brisbane. By having Next Gen Demolition on board, you can leverage several advantages, such as:

A Clear Site

After our team finishes the demolition project, they make sure to leave the site clear and ready for the next project. Once the leftover debris are removed and other recyclable materials sent to their destination, the land is levelled.

Safety Protocols

At Next Gen Demolition no work commences without considering the safety precautions for the team, people, neighbours, and their properties. We also make sure that all the utilities are safe and that no issues are caused due to accidental mishaps.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our team arrives with world-class machines and technology to finish your project efficiently and quickly. We use special tools, such as high-reach excavators and hydraulic crushers, to remove the construction materials safely.

Save Time

Hiring inexperienced professionals can take a long time to complete a simple demolition project, let alone bigger ones like bridge demolition. But with us and our team, demolition is quick and highly efficient. We will complete the project on schedule.

Waste Management

We are an environment-conscious company. Our team segregates the leftover materials to help safeguard the environment. While non-recyclable materials are removed safely, others are repurposed, thus minimising the need to buy new materials.

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Do not go elsewhere if you need accuracy and quality in your demolition project. With Next Gen Demolition, you will find everything you may have been looking for. So, you can rely on our team to complete a demolition project of any size.

You can call us in Sunnybank and its neighbouring places such as Coopers Plains, Robertson, MacGregor, Coopers Plains, Eight Mile Plains, Acacia Ridge and Sunnybank Hills.

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