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A Leading Provider of Demolition Services In Wishart

Are you looking for a premier provider of demolition services in Wishart? Contact Next Gen Demolition. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals to deliver highest  quality of demolition services possible. 

Our Demolition Services Across Wishart

Residential Demolition

We are experts in demolishing homes with extreme caution. Our team at Next Gen Demolition ensures that all safety measures are undertaken while the structure is brought down to the ground.

House Demolitions Brisbane
Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was a common material used in older constructions. To remove these harmful asbestos-containing materials such as asbestos cement sheeting, vinyl floor tiles, and pipe lagging, our team uses correct methods and also disposes them responsibly. 

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolitions involve several risk factors. Our team understands this and is always prepared to work with diligence. We use advanced equipment to work swiftly and to save time.

Commercial Demolition Brisbane
Bridge Demolition Brisbane

Bridge Demolition

Old and damaged bridges can pose a danger to human lives and vehicles. These must be removed before they cause casualties. At our company, we have all the necessary machinery to get them down. We will also remove the leftovers.

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Why Choose Us For Your Demolition Needs?

In order to get high-quality demolition solutions in Wishart, stop looking elsewhere. At Next Gen Demolition, we are well-equipped for the job.


Safety is paramount in demolition. We ensure all work is carried out under a well crafted safety cover that is at par with the latest safety regulations in the industry. Our team will also perform risk assessment checks before beginning.


With the construction industry producing harmful emissions, we ensure we do our bit by not adding to the pollution caused. One can witness this in our work when we save and recycle the materials that are left behind. This helps us minimise waste that otherwise ends in landfills.

Follow Regulations

At Next Gen Demolition, we always conform to local, state and environment regulations when working on any demotion project. Not only this, our team knows all the building codes, which helps us avoid certain legal issues. 


Every demotion is different and, therefore, requires a different plan. Our team ensures that customised solutions are devised by consulting you prior to the big day. We will take into account your concerns, schedules, and even budget before moving ahead.


We are well-versed in a variety of demolition services, including residential, commercial, and bridge. Not only this, we are also adept at removing asbestos, a demolition byproduct that can harm human health and the environment. 

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Wishart residents can leverage the Next Gen Demotion team’s expertise. Teaming with us means you get access to insured and licensed demolition services in the City of Brisbane.

We are a family-owned business. You can find us in neighbouring suburbs of Wishart, namely, Mount Gravatt East, Mansfield, Mackenzie, Upper Mount Gravatt, Rochedale, Upper Mount Gravatt, and Eight Mile Plains. 

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