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Do you want a trustworthy partner for your demolition project in Wynnum? Consider Next Gen Demolition. You can depend on us for all your demolition needs, whether big or small. We have an insured and licensed team for the job.

Our Top Demolition Services

Commercial Demolition

Remake your space. Make it look anew and begin a new journey with our commercial demolition services in Wynnum. We can help you create a space to your liking with our customised solutions.

Commercial Demolition Brisbane
Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Asbestos Removal

Buildings constructed prior to the 1980s used asbestos. Demolishing these structures leaves unsafe products for health and the environment and is mostly in the form of asbestos cement sheeting, vinyl floor tiles, and pipe lagging. Our team disposes of these with utmost care.

Residential Demolition

Demolishing homes regardless of the size is a work of diligence. With us, you can fulfil your goal of partially renovating the house or building a new one in place of the old one. No time is wasted as we leave a clear surface. 

House Demolitions Brisbane
Bridge Demolition Brisbane

Bridge Demolition

Old bridges must be demolished to make way for new infrastructure to handle more traffic or incorporate advanced technologies. Next Gen Demolition uses high-tech equipment and precautions when working on such huge structures.

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Why Choose Us?

With us by your side, you will have the assurance that your project is in the right hands in the City of Brisbane. Here’s how:

Follows All Safety Protocols

We adheres to all the local and state regulations to ensure your project does not end up on the wrong side of the law. We also make sure that our team is well-versed with the latest building codes and permission requirements.

Site Preparation

Our team does not leave the site until it is cleared of debris and other materials. This is part of our comprehensive services. Once we clear all the unwanted materials, our team levels the surface to build a new structure.

Recycle and Reuse

Next Gen Demolition believes in sustainable approaches. Our team, thus, separates debris while identifying materials that can be reused, reducing the need for new materials. We also utilise responsible disposal practices for non-recyclable materials.

Advanced Equipment

We employ high-tech equipment to demolish the structures. This helps us tackle the challenges that come our way. Whether new or old, our advanced equipment helps us with the job. We use hydraulic crushers, high-reach excavators, and some other tools.

Customised Solutions

We understand all structures are different. At our company, we cater to the varied needs of our customers with tailored solutions. We happily take into consideration factors such as budget, time constraints, schedules and more.

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If you are planning to demolish a structure in the near future, consider our top-notch demolition services in Wynnum. Fill in the form, and we will connect with you.  Our team is readily available in Wynnum and its nearby suburbs, such as Lytton, Port of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Wynnum West, Moreton Bay, Manly West and Manly. 

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