What services should you disconnect before demolition?

The services to your home that you take for granted in your everyday life all have to be physically removed from the house before demolition. It’s very dangerous to pull down a house that still has electricity connected to it, as you can imagine. And if you forget, the ramifications of not disconnecting the sewerage would be revolting for all concerned. 

It’s illegal for you to disconnect and remove services from your property yourself, so you’ll have to contact each utility provider individually and well in advance to book disconnection, terminations and removal between you moving out and the demolition team moving in!

The danger of not removing these services is not just to you or the demolishers, but to your neighbours as well. Causing damage to the infrastructure owned by the council or state services will definitely push your demolition bill up much higher than you had planned for!

In most cases, the pipes, wires and metres all belong to the companies that supply them, Energex, Telstra etc. You’ll need to request termination and disconnection in writing by using the correct forms. There will probably be a disconnection fee for the paperwork and for the technician to come out and do the actual disconnection. 


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Here's a list of the things that should be disconnected from your property well before the demolition team turn up!


All lines, meters and connections need to be removed from your property by a licensed professional


This is usually a job for a qualified plumber. You may have to ring around to find one that will do this if you have a composting system or something a little different installed in your house, you’ll need to contact the installer for the best advice on how to remove it. 


The metre may have to be removed, as well as underground pipes. The water needs to be turned off at the street and capped. Your demolition team may need to access water during the demo to settle dust etc.

Phone lines

Telstra will have linesmen that come out to the pole to disconnect the lines and remove the service.


Contact your provider to find out the procedure they require. However, Telstra will probably be the one to disconnect the lines from the house.


Gas, whether it’s in bottles or mains lines, all need to be disconnected and some pipes removed before the demolition can commence.

Storm Water

Generally any stormwater infrastructure that is within your boundary will be dealt with by the demolition company but it’s good to know where your legal discharge point is into the main system. 

Because most people don’t know who to contact or what information to supply, we can do all this for you as part of our demolition service for you. We have staff who know who to contact, and what forms to fill out. We can make this part of the process relatively painless for you. 

There are lots of things to consider before you demolish a house. If you are in any doubt about the process or are looking for a quote, give us a call at Next Gen today for a friendly professional chat about house demolition by a professional team!

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