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Expert Services for Your Demolition Needs in Brisbane Northside

Are you planning a demolition project in Brisbane Northside? We at Next Gen Demolition are experts at it. Our team is well-versed in both residential and commercial demolition of all shapes and sizes.

Our Premium Demolition Services

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos found in construction materials is harmful to humans. If ingested, it can cause some health issues. Our team is trained in removing and disposing of hazardous materials, such as asbestos cement sheeting and vinyl floor tiles safely. 

Asbestos Removal Brisbane
House Demolitions Brisbane

Residential Demolition

If you have an old and deteriorated house that needs to be taken down or a piece of land that needs cleaning, contact our team for assistance. We can demolish all kinds of materials, be it concrete, wood, brick, or any other. 

Commercial Demolition

Whether you want to expand your business, renovate your existing space, or start fresh, our commercial demolition service in Brisbane Northside can make it happen. Such projects are complex, but our team knows how to handle them.

Commercial Demolition Brisbane
Bridge Demolition Brisbane

Bridge Demolition

Old bridges should be demolished to safeguard lives. At our company, we are capable of knocking down any sized bridge by using heavy-duty equipment such as precision-controlled cranes and high-powered excavators. 

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Why Choose Next Gen Demolition?

Next Gen Demolition is a local company with years of experience in demolition. Here are the top reasons you should pick us for:

Compliance with Regulatory Authorities

Both local and state governing bodies have laid down certain strict regulations for demolishing constructions in Brisbane Northside. Next Gen Demolition follows all the guidelines to ensure your safety. Our company can also help you gain permits if needed.

Time Saving

Time is money, especially in commercial projects. You can rely on us for this. We work swiftly to ensure all our demolition projects are finished in record time. Our team is trained to use the latest equipment to accelerate the work.

Eco Friendly Procedure

Demolition produces some harmful materials that can pollute both land and air. These may include asbestos, silica, lead paint, and more. We know how to avert this environmental problem from arising and keep everyone safe.


Demolition can be unsafe for those working on it as well as the passers-by. At our company, we deploy trained professionals who can maintain safety standards. But first, we prioritise the safety of our personnel and provide them with the latest safety gear.

Structural Integrity

While demolishing, the foundation of nearby buildings is at risk. It can only be maintained with frequent checkups of the structures. As a protocol, our company does this often to maintain the integrity of the buildings in the neighbourhood.

Call us today for your demolition needs on Brisbane’s Northside!

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Get in touch with Next Gen Demolition licensed and insured professionals. We are a company well-versed in all things demolition. You can get in touch with us to know more about our procedure and also about the experts.

So, if you need our demolition services in Brisbane Northside or in the suburbs of Aspley, Chermside, Everton Park, Stafford, Hendra and Nundah, get in touch!

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Call us today for your demolition needs on Brisbane’s Northside!

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