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Friendly and Professional Demolition Services in Coopers Plains

Are you looking for a friendly, neighbourhood demolition service provider in Coopers Plains? Contact Next Gen Demolition. We are equipped with the skills and experience needed to handle the diverse types of demolitions in the City of Brisbane.

Our Demolition Services

Residential Demolition Brisbane

Residential Demolition

Home demolition is risky. At our company, we navigate the process with extreme caution. Our team will undertake all the safety measures needed as they bring the structure down to the ground.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos can affect human health negatively. Often found in older structures, our team ensures its safe removal without posing a danger to the environment. Asbestos containing materials include cement sheeting, vinyl floor tiles, and pipe lagging.

Asbestos Removal
Commercial Interior Demolition Brisbane

Commercial Demolition

Whether for renovation, expansion, or repurposing, our professional demolition services pave the way for your business’s growth. We use advanced machinery to hasten the work so that no business time is lost.

Bridge Demolition

We offer safe and efficient bridge removal services to ascertain the safety of passersby and the environment. Our team uses advanced machinery to dismantle old and damaged bridges, leaving the site clear and ready for future use.

Bridge Demolition Brisbane

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Why Choose Us For Your Demolition Needs?

Demolition work demands skills and the right machinery to get the job done. Here’s how we can help you:


At Next Gen Demolition, we do not compromise on safety. We understand the risks involved in demolition and work in a manner that maintains the well-being of our workers, the public, and the environment.


We apply sustainable practices throughout the demolition process. We carefully assess the materials left behind during demolition and identify opportunities to save and repurpose them for future projects. This reduces the amount of construction waste that otherwise ends up in landfills.

Adhere to the regulations

Our team has a deep understanding of all relevant building codes and regulations. This is to make sure that every project we undertake is completed safely, efficiently, and in full compliance with the law.


Before we begin any work, we take the time to consult you. We listen to your concerns, understand your schedule, and work within your budget. This approach allows us to develop a demolition plan that is efficient, effective, and meets your requirements.


We offer a variety of services to fulfil your individual needs, whether it’s residential, commercial, or even bridge demolition. Our team can also work with asbestos, a harmful construction material.

Contact Our Demolition Team!

If you want peace of mind to prevail as the demolition work is underway, trust Next Gen Demolition services only. We, as an experienced company, offer you the benefit of licensed and insured demolishers in addition to satisfactory work. 

You can get in touch with us in Coopers Plains and the surrounding suburbs, such as Rocklea Salisbury, Nathan, Archerfield, Robertson, Acacia Ridge, Sunnybank and Sunnybank. 

Contact us for premier demolition services in Coopers Plains today!

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