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Safe and Swift Demolition Services in Kenmore

Do you want demolition services in Kenmore on tight schedules? Contact Next Gen Demolition. We have a reputation for completing demolition projects on time. Our team is skilled and uses the right equipment to get things done fast and safely.

Our Demolition Services

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition needs are different. Our team fulfils the requirements with tailored services. Once we finish the project swiftly, the owners can proceed with their plans for expansion, renovation, or redesign.

Commercial Demolition Brisbane
House Demolitions Brisbane

Residential Demolition

Our residential demolition encompasses tearing down structures of varied sizes. Our team can demolish an old building or clear up a site for fresh beginnings. We have the skills to work with all types of materials, including brick, concrete, wood, etc

Bridge Demolition

We employ a controlled demolition technique for bridges, taking each section at a time. After the procedure, we move the leftover materials to their respective destinations, leaving the site clear and safe for people to move around.

Bridge Demolition Brisbane
Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos must be removed with care to ensure your and your family’s health and safety. We use special tools such as negative air pressure units and HEPA-filtered vacuums to remove asbestos fibres effectively.

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Why Choose Us For Your Demolition!

Next Gen Demolition is second to none when it comes to demolition services in the City of Brisbane. Here are the reasons why:

Site Assessment

Before starting a project, we send our team to assess the scope of the project, the risks involved, and the safety measures needed. Our team examines the structure and the surrounding areas and takes notes about possible threats.

Eco Friendly Practices

At Next Gen Demolition, we believe in working in a manner that leaves our surroundings safe for the coming generations. To further this cause, we send recyclable materials to their designated stations for reuse, thus help in minimising future construction costs as well.

High Tech Technology

It is not easy to bring down structures without causing harm. We make this possible by using advanced equipment and technology. Combined with their experience, our team brings the highest level of efficiency to their work.

Compliance With The Regulations

To prevent any legal disputes, it is important to abide by the local and state regulations. We ensure this in our work. Our team follows all the rules laid down by the administration. We can also help you attain permits if need be.


It is essential to keep everyone safe. Our team comes prepared with safety gear and equipment. We also work meticulously so that no human or neighbouring structure faces harm due to our demolition work. Even debris are removed to keep everyone safe.

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If you are living in the nearby Kenmore suburbs, namely, Brookfield, Kenmore Hills, Chapel Hill, Pullenvale, Indooroopilly, Pinjarra Hills, Jindalee, Fig Tree Pocket, we can service you at your location.

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